Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Joys of Summer

Okay, I know: it’s not officially summer yet. But this is my favorite time of summer because it’s not hot yet. We have had great rain the last few weeks. The landscape is the greenest we have seen it in many years and the wildflowers are spectacular.

Despite all the rain we’ve had, we haven’t had many rain-outs on our landscaping job the last couple of weeks. That makes Ursula happy because she really needs to get into her metal shop to create more of her metal art – she has a show coming up on the Fourth of July and is the featured artist at the artist’s coop in Livingston for the Livingston Art Walk. She has nothing on hand.

So, while Ursula is in her metal shop, we’ll have a couple of weeks off. We’re very happy about that. Still, Ben and I have been so stiff and sore doing heavy rock work this last week that we’ve been doing various rain dances so we could have a day off. The older we get the harder landscaping is on our bodies. And even though I’m a little younger than Ben, I take longer to heal than he does.

At any rate, I agreed to go hiking yesterday with our friend Lori. It was a spectacular day on the mountain and I’m glad I went. I am, however, a little gimped up today and Ben wants to get a lot of things done outside. I’m doing laundry instead. And trying to do a bunch of stretching without groaning too much. The not-groaning part is as difficult as the stretching. I have to keep reminding myself of the benefits of stretching.

I had a P. E. instructor once that said the sensation you get from stretching is not pain. What an idiot.

We did have Friday off because of rain, but we had to deliver pottery to Butte; then we spent the rest of the day shopping. Shopping is about as much fun for me as having a debilitating toothache. There are few activities I dislike more than shopping. So, today is my only real rest day this long weekend. Tomorrow we go back to work.




Sunset through rain clouds



On the mountain

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