Monday, May 27, 2013

As the Days of Spring Pass

Rain showers have painted the landscape green;

cherry blossoms are gone, now,

but apples are blooming and plums persist

though they never ripen fruit.


Tomatoes and peppers are stretching up

and forming buds, convinced the

greenhouse is the whole world, giving

them illusions there will be no late frost.


But the wildflowers, hale and hardy,

sprout up to wink at the sun and

wave at the rain, happy just to be alive

as these days of spring pass.




These days are also the final days of getting out special pottery orders before the long, hot, dry days of summer keep us working. So long as the rain chases us home from landscaping, we’ll have time to work in the studio.

This is one of the picture frames we made for the Dano fun run down in Wyoming.



Here Ben is painting a special order platter for Delia in Nevada. The one he’s painting here is a Rope for Hope piece for a breast cancer fundraiser. The platter and mugs below are for a fundraising dinner also in Nevada.


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