Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Glory of Summer

It seems that suddenly spring broke into a searing summer. I don’t harbor my dislike for summer along a shoreline of secrecy, but this summer has been worse than most: hot and dry and filled with smoke from fires near and far.

But there is, as my title designates, a certain glory in summer.

Ben and I took off on Sunday morning to ride our bikes up River Road toward the mountain. We’ve driven that road many times on our way to hike and camp, but the slower pace of riding a bicycle allowed me to really see much more of the landscape. I forgot to take my camera again, but it was a magnificent day that will remain in my memory to carry me through several stormy, cold and dreary winter days. Mountains are my favorite places on this earth and when I cannot be inside them, I love gazing at them from various points of view. The world would be a drearier place without them.


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