Saturday, February 8, 2014

Voluptuous Snow

We finally have snow again. It was getting pretty dry with so much warm weather. 

It was bitter cold – we had minus 31 degrees one night and minus 32 degrees the next night – but the temperatures are beginning to moderate. Our neighbor’s house froze up; his furnace igniter had burned in half. I didn’t even know that could  happen.

He is away working in Virginia, so after we talked to him on the phone we called the repairman who came by late yesterday afternoon and replaced the igniter; so, now the place mostly thawed out, but we haven’t turned the well pump back on yet. The pipes seemed to be fine when we examined everything this morning, but when the weather turns a bit nicer, we’ll have to turn the water on and see if his pipes burst someplace we couldn’t see.


The electrical switch for the pump is outside on the power pole; it was snowing and blowing and cold this morning and one of us will have to turn on the power to the pump then wait outside while the other checks everything inside. It there is a leak, the one outside will have to switch off the power and drain the lines at the pump hydrant to stop the squirting flow in the house. It will be much less unpleasant if it’s not so bitter out.


But, we had a very nice, voluptuous snow a few days ago. More snow and deeper drifts have since clothed this little drift, but it was fun to see it.


Skiing should be fine, don’t you think?