Friday, April 5, 2013

The Passage of Time

Have I truly written so few posts this year?

The days seem to be drifting past lazily, like living on a raft floating along a sluggish, warm river. And nothing much seems to be happening.

In reality, time is passing by rapidly and we have never had such a busy winter since we’ve been in Montana. These past few months have left me with less and less time to do the things I want to get done. Day-to-day life is taking up the bulk of my living; this day-to-day life is very important for pleasant survival in the world of today, of course, but I want so much more.

And that’s the problem.

Val has been very good to us, letting us keep going out to the ranch even though, really, she could do it all herself these days, but we have thoroughly enjoyed living out our fantasy of ranch life, and being there during the highly romantic days of calving has been like a dream.

Soon we’ll go back to landscaping, which we are looking forward to, since we love being outdoors and need the physical work to get back into some semblance of the physical shape and fitness level that people were born to be in.

And, besides, we’re looking forward to hiking. Ben and I are considering going back to Canada this fall. Our Canadian National Parks passes are still good through September . . . so, what better reason do we need?

I have been writing a little bit; writing out individual scenes and making more notes, mostly. And I have been reading a little (and collecting books, both borrowed and purchased, much faster than I am reading): I’m reading A Passage to India, which was recommended to me because the themes of this book are so similar to the themes of the book I’m writing (but the plot, characters and setting could not be more different). We’ve gotten a lot of pottery done; our latest semi-experimental firing turned out to be very disappointing. We had fired that set of glazes once before, in the little kiln, but when we fired a much larger load in the bigger kiln . . . well, let’s just say we’re not too pleased about the results.

So on we go, drifting along (and, truth be known, loving our lives even though we’re not getting everything done we want).


Ben fencing on one of those bright, sunny, lazy-warm days.



The cows just after we fed this morning in a glorious rain.

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