Friday, April 12, 2013

Springtime Renewal

Today I had a couple of e-mails to a friend returned by the mailer daemon, the phone bill and the credit card bill came, and the nation is still deeply embroiled in a political civil war. But the sagebrush buttercups bloomed, enlightening me with what is truly important in this life: the beautiful, everyday events in this world that surround us.



A few days ago, after several days of warm, sunny weather that made me passive and happy, a storm rose up on the horizon.


That night it snowed, which thrilled me. Yes, I love the snow, but we needed the moisture, too.


But then the snow melted, a couple of rain showers came through, the grass sprang up and then, today, the buttercups bloomed and I didn’t care so much about all the other crap and then I couldn’t help but smile.

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