Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Food Hangover

Thanksgiving was really great, both times we feasted: once in Montana and once in Wyoming. It was terrific spending time with so many friends and family members, many of those we see only once a year. I ate more this year than I have eaten in many, many years and I was suffering for it.

But now it’s Tuesday and I still have a food hangover.


This week in the studio we’re trying to cram in some last blast efforts to get a few more pieces done for Christmas orders and requests. The glazing table and the drying shelves are full. Unfortunately we’re still having trouble with our old glaze and have to re-fire quite a few pieces, which takes the profit out of them, but we want to do some more experimenting before we choose which sample glaze to use for our new base glaze. We’ve whittled down to three promising glaze recipes and will put some samples of them in the next glaze load with our fingers crossed.

And I’m writing every chance I get.

So we have a hectic schedule for a few more days or so. Then Ben will be a manny for Mel-and-Mark’s kids next week and I’ll be taking care of the home front and writing like a maniacal wild man as much as possible.

It’ll be quiet around here without Ben, but that will be good for a week of immersion with my novel, which is actually going very well well. More than a week though and I might go bonkers.

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