Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Canadian Vacation–Post 2

Johnston Canyon and Boom Lake

The Morning of September 11 we hiked up Johnston Canyon. It was a terribly crowded trail, since many tour buses let their patrons out to hike up to the falls, but the canyon is (pardon me, please) truly spectacular. Johnston Creek is bright turquoise with just a little turbidity from glacial rock powder.

JC 3


JC 27

The Lower Falls


JC 17


JC 7


JC 13


JC 1

The Upper Falls


People from all over the world hiked this trail. Almost all of them were friendly and pleasant. Even though we hiked with the crowds the canyon was so beautiful we really didn’t mind being among so many people. The crowds did thin considerably after the first falls, so we were able to speed up considerably. We ate lunch in a little hidden spot just off the trail parking area, then we hiked up to Boom Lake.

The trail to Boom was a little over five kilometers and was a bit more of a challenge than the Johnston Canyon Trail, but wasn’t a difficult hike. We saw only a few people at Boom Lake, in contrast to the hordes in Johnston Canyon. The lake (bear with me) was so beautiful we had to hang out on the lake shore just gazing at the water, the mountains and the sky.


BL 6


BL 4

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