Sunday, September 30, 2012

Canada Vacation–Post 4

On Friday, September 14 we hiked up the Iceline trail. The first few hundred yards was tough climbing, but the view across the Valley to Takakkaw falls was stupefying and the glaciers and glacial melt and pools struck awe in both of us. By this time, perhaps because we were starting to feel the crunch of half of our time gone, we were getting jaded and merely expected to continue to see the high, rugged peaks we had seen every day since entering the National Parks and this trail did not disappoint us. We had not only the view of Takakkaw Falls, but up and down the valley and despite the trail kicking our butts we gaped at the spectacular views until we finally had to descend down into the trees again as we took the trail to Lake Celeste. The lake was beautiful, really, but the creek leading to the lake and the Yoho River in the Yoho Valley at the bottom kept our spirits up.

Iceline Trail


IT 6

IT 5

IT 8

IT 22

The next day we hiked back up the Yoho Valley to Twin Falls. It was an easier hike and didn’t have the valley views, but we had a great day all the same. The river and all the tumbles of water were gorgeous. I could hike this trail many times and never tire of it.




Twin Falls


Laughing Falls

Twin Falls Chalet

Twin Falls Chalet. The single story part was built in 1904, the two story part was built in 1923. This sits near Twin Falls and is accessible only on foot. During the summer season it is open for coffee and tea, as well as backpackers who wish to stay in nearby cabins overnight.

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