Monday, March 19, 2012

Return to Winter–Again



We woke this morning to four or five inches of snow. It was a beautiful morning, looking foggy with the heavily falling snow. We had to scrape snow from the cat feeding perch and out of the chicken yard so there wouldn’t be so much mud while the snow melts over the next couple of days or so. We hauled in extra firewood, too, though it’s still warm enough that it wasn’t necessary. Ben drove the car out to the end of our driveway before the snow begins to melt, so we won’t have to drive in the worst of the sticky mud and mess up our newly graveled road.

If it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m not; I love the snow and I really appreciate all the extra moisture. We should have a good spring and summer for wildflowers, pasture grass and good tree growth. With more snow in the mountains we’ll have fewer wildfires, too. Life is very different here than in the city, but considering all the problems going on in the rest of the world and the benefits of this minor bit of extra work, Ben and I are pretty happy men and we feel very lucky. And the change of scenery when the weather changes is always a nice, extra benefit. Variety, as my grandmother used to say, is the spice of life.


Last weekend we went to Porcupine Cabin in the upper Shields  Valley. It was a beautiful spot way up on the mountain. During the winter the only way up there is on snowshoes or skis and supplies have to be backpacked or sledded in. But it was such a wonderful spot I felt like I could live there year round. When I’m really old I might have different thoughts about it, but it wouldn’t be that much different than our situation now and the spectacular view would make up for the little bit of harder lifestyle it would be.

We were joined by Rob and Tom, Jacki and Don,  and Lori and her WOOFer volunteer, Caitlin. It was a real party. We had loads of fun skiing, snowshoeing, sledding and cooking on the wood stove.



The morning sun on the Bridger Mountains, our view across the valley from the yard of the cabin.




Ben riding the sled on our way out.

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