Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The holidays are over

Blues? No, I’m just glad to get back to what I need to get done in the studio and with writing. Too many parties, too much food, and too little work.

But I’m back now and I’m working on an article for a pottery magazine. I thought I would have to get a new camera, but it looks like I won’t have to. I wrote to ask the editors to clarify some of the photo requirements; I haven’t heard back from them, yet, but I think I have what I need already. Today I threw the pieces for a how-to article. Tomorrow I’ll put it together and take photos of the process, then I’ll write the article.

I’m anxious to start working on a load of pottery with our newest glazes, but we need to finish a last load of Dano ware first and then I have to mix larger amounts of the new glazes so I can fill larger containers for dipping larger pieces.

I also need to mix up some new samples for new glazes.

And I’m a little sluggish writing on my novel. I spent a couple of hours today, but only got a few blanks filled in on what I had been writing before the holidays brought me to a screeching halt for several days. I feel like a slug.

Yesterday we went cross-country skiing with Lori. On Sunday we went with Lori, Dan and Petra. It’s nice to get started skiing earlier this year than we usually do, especially since we haven’t even started our exercise program, yet.

Onward and upward . . . in some fashion or other.

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