Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Politics on Trial

After sleeping on and not sleeping on the jury selection experience I had yesterday and then mulling further all day today, I have figured out part of my cynicism of the whole process has, at least somewhat, the whole atmosphere of cynicism I’ve gained about our whole political and governmental system. I believe there is still potential in our form of government; but, at least in our present era, that potential has been nullified in favor of personal agendas funded by the extremely wealthy and corporations.

One of the questions the prosecuting attorney asked yesterday was whether we had ever been lied to and whether or not we ever knew we had been lied to. An almost ridiculous question in light of what the position on truth at which our entire world has come: truth is not nearly as important as ones agenda, whether it be political, religious or for personal gain. We have, as we all experienced so well this year, been lied to and deceived about every aspect of our lives.

It was, therefore,  difficult for me yesterday to even listen to two lawyers trying to fill our heads with their own agendas. Like so many Americans, I’m angry, bereft over the loss of a life of trustworthiness, at arms over the lies and deceit, and isolated even further into my own safe, little world of how life could be.

So, yesterday when I got home, I was grasping at the beauty available in the world and already fantasizing about camping and hiking next year.

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