Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter at last!

We finally got a good snow a couple of days ago. Much of it is gone already right around our farm, but we got up into the mountain to cross-country ski. Actually we had to break trail and we didn’t follow a roadway and we climbed a bit, so it was more like snowshoeing on skis, but it was a beautiful, sunny day.

The shining sun, undiluted by clouds, glinted brilliant off frost crystals sprinkled heavily over pristine snow. We, obviously, had a fantastic day on the mountain. The world never gets more beautiful than it was today.

We woke this morning to a heavy patches of frost from fog clouds that passed through late last night. Grand flakes of frost clung to bushes, trees and grasses until the sun rose high in the sky to warm the foliage and loosed the frost, which then glittered to the ground.


I’m reading a book on mythology which was printed at the end of the 19th century. It is a philological study (which is through literature and/or linguistics) of myths from across the globe. It’s very interesting that just that far back in history European and American scholars viewed the world from such an inane sense of superiority of their own belief systems. They viewed those who believed in the myths to be savage and barbaric; yet many of those people were very advanced in science, art, and architecture and many were very peaceful people.

Now I know there are many, albeit less astute, people today who adhere to that antiquated belief in superiorism. Unlike the “primitive savages” the true glory and beauty of the world eludes those kind of people and I am very deeply sad for them.







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