Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hiking in the snow

Ben and I went to the mountains this afternoon. I was sure the snow was not good for skiing, so we took our snowshoes. The first half mile or so of the trail was so barren of snow that we didn’t even take our snowshoes along. Later the snow was deeper and we could have used the snowshoes from that point if we would have gone off the trail, but the trail was so well packed by snowmobiles and skiers that we hiked in our winter boots just fine. On top of the mountain the snow was actually pretty good and we could have skied, but staying on the trail we were still able to walk without any problems. Today was beautiful and sunny, and the mountain spectacular with the brilliant snow. We decided to go back up the next nice day we have, taking both our snowshoes and skis. I’m anxious to get back up there. It’s a truly fine way to exercise.

Our exercise program isn’t going along as well as we had hoped. Oh, we’re keeping to our new routine and increasing the time of our workouts, but I’m starting to get over-tired and not recovering with a single night of sleep and Ben is having trouble with his joints. So, I figure if we can ski and snowshoe, that should give our bodies a break from our regular exercises while still giving our bodies a workout. I hope that’s a logical as it sounds. Growing older just hasn’t been as fun as it should be, at least according to the way it would be if I had my way, but we’re both determined to stay in shape one way or another. And, anyway, being outdoors is what the good life is all about in Montana. There’s so much beauty out there that changes constantly, so we have to enjoy each moment of it we can whenever we can. Of course that means I’ll have to climb out of the rut I so easily get myself into . . .



Along the trail



The forest service cabin we hike up to.

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