Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Zen of Being Sick

Early in the week I came down with a cold and spent most of the week sleeping. Yesterday I finally woke from a foggy cloud and peered through the haze to finally make my way back into the studio to finish pots I had started a few days earlier.

I hate being sick.

What a waste of time, energy and resources.

What is the Zen message in being sick? No, I mean I’m really asking. I haven’t figured it out and I’m not sure I ever will. I suppose someone on a higher plane than I am could figure it out, but the only good I get out of it is getting caught up on a little reading. Yes, I read when I’m sick – at least when I’m not sleeping. Reading takes my mind off feeling poorly, however temporarily.

Now I’m nearly another week behind where I had hoped to be with everything I’m working on.

Thanksgiving was great, except for getting exposed to a nasty cold virus. Two major pig-outs, one here on the creek with a great group of friends and one with Ben’s family in Wyoming. At both dinners it was great to see so many people we don’t get to see very often. Life is far too hectic and we’re all spread too far apart, both friends and family. It wasn’t enough time, of course, to fully catch up with the events of their lives, but it was still fun to reconnect and cover what we could in the time we had.

Now there’s a Zen message in that, of course: appreciate those precious moments when they’re happening, enjoy the moment in the moment. But getting sick? The only message I get from that is try to take better care of myself when I’m healthy to keep the times of sickness fewer and shorter.

Hey, where did that come from? It’s not exactly Zen, but that’s a pretty good idea. And, gee, I used to do that . . .

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