Monday, June 6, 2011

The Progression–Post 1

We must match our minds to the future we desire. Then we must begin the work of matching our lives to our minds.

Ben and I started our landscaping jobs working for Ursula several weeks ago. Throughout most of this spring the weather has been a tad uncooperative, so we haven’t worked a full schedule in any given week. But that has been good even though the weather hasn’t been the greatest, because despite our winter exercise program, we really haven’t been in top landscaping shape. The past couple weeks were a bit grueling. I was so exhausted by the end of the day that I couldn’t write for this blog or work on my latest story or even critique someone else’s story on my online critique group. We just came home, fixed and ate dinner, showered and went to bed.
And on the weekends, Ben has kept us busy with prepping and planting the garden.
But I’m not complaining. Both Ben and I enjoy having outdoor work during the summer. Our summers are short, so when we were in the studio all year – during the good economy years – summer passed before we got much of a chance to notice it was here.
My last post was about the first backpack trip Ben and I took into the Crazy Mountains with our good friend, Sue, and her daughter, Sonja. Since I don’t have any pictures of our landscaping, I’ll post a few more pictures of that trek as I reminisce the good days of that warm, sunny summer.


I was so overwhelmed by the magnificence of the landscape that I wandered around in a transfixed daze



Notice that Ben was wearing a watch. Nowadays you might occasionally see him wearing the watch that Ursula gave him when we’re on our landscaping job, but for the most part, I’m afraid I’ve been a “da-loop-de-doop” influence on him: “’Time’ is an unrealistic, inhuman concept.”







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