Monday, May 9, 2011

Mud Pies -- Post 2

When our expectations for life, for ourselves and our peers exceed our respective capabilities, we tend to grow bitter, disillusioned, and cynical. Then we learn not to trust ourselves or our associates,  and close ourselves off from reality and happiness. Once we drop our expectations we can open ourselves up again, then we can learn to trust and love. Without happiness, trust and love, we become emotionally ill and our lives stagnate. With happiness, trust and love, we are fulfilled, whole and healthy.

With the Bush wars in the early 2000s, the economy started to slow and then tip downward. With that we were forced to slow down in the studio, which was good for us to some degree until the economy crashed near the end of the Bush era.
Ben started landscaping for Ursula in 2006, to help supplement the loss of income from the studio. After the crash I joined the landscape crew. Despite the exhaustion and sore muscles, we both really love working outside in the sunshine. Summers are so short here in Montana that if you don’t get out into the summer weather, the winters seem so much longer. So now we have the best of both worlds: inside making pots during the winter, outside landscaping during the summer.

Below are some more pictures of some work we did in the past
You can enlarge the pics in this blog if you put your cursor on them and double click.








Scan_Pic0067                  Scan_Pic0068
Some sample puzzle tile boards

Scan_Pic0069                    Scan_Pic0070    
We did a puzzle tile installation for our good friends Rob and Tom from the Black Hills of South Dakota
This is a panel on the back wall in their shower/bathtub

Scan_Pic0071           Scan_Pic0072
Here is the sink and backsplash in their bathroom

Scan_Pic0073         Scan_Pic0074

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